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"Cultivate has been an amazing resource for introducing my two children (2y and 4y) to music! The teachers are incredibly patient and committed to engaging with each child at their own level! We have joined on for both regular weekly classes as well as several weekend workshops (the recent rhythm and drum workshop was an especially big hit!) and both girls are constantly singing and finding percussive outlets around the apartment now."

Mark V. 

CMS Parent

Our Programs

Private Lessons

Learn piano, singing, guitar, ukelele, drums, music production, and more at your own pace.

(age 4-7)

Learn guitar, piano, and drums in a REAL rock band for 4-7 year olds.

Early Childhood
(age 1-6)

Lay the foundation for a musical life. Music and movement classes for toddlers & preschoolers; introduction to instruments for 5-6 year olds. 

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Why Choose CMS?

JOY is a priority.

Learning music should be fun - if it’s not, then we’re not doing our job! Like baking veggies into your brownies, students here have so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re learning patterns, developing motor skills, and becoming musicians.

Our approach is student-centered.

We realize that many different paths lead to the same destination, so we use a student-centered approach to guide our way. Your kid loves TikTok music? Let’s do it. YouTube tutorials? Let’s make our own. Pop songs? No problem. We realize that students’ unique interests are the gateway into the world of music, and we’ll never try to impose our idea of music onto them.

There's something for everyone.

We say with full confidence and enthusiasm that students of ALL abilities are welcome. We don’t just “try our best” with students with special needs or disabilities - we are trained, equipped, and thrilled to work with them. We don’t focus on deficits and drill endlessly to “overcome” them - we find the strengths and teach to those. We don’t shy away from stims or “different” ways of moving and communicating - we accommodate and celebrate them. 

What Our Families Say

With the pandemic, we were not yet ready for our son to return to preschool, but we were looking for a good in-person music program.  Our son loved his preschool music program, but we had alot of trouble finding a program that promoted play-oriented learning with small class sizes that was safe.

We signed up to the Preschool Summer Music Camp and he loved it.

The space where they had classes was wide open and there were special ventilation units that sanitized the air.  The instruments that the children used were sanitized and Teacher Victoria wore her mask at all times.  I felt extremely safe.

Teacher Victoria was an amazing teacher who could really get even the rowdiest of students engaged.  Our son learned a lot of songs, many of which he sings now to his younger sister.

Rather than having my son start his musical journey taking lessons in an instrument, I wanted my son to start by developing a love for music.  I really do believe that the Preschool Summer Music Camp helped instill that in him."

Doug K.

CMS Parent

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