Inclusive musical experiences for everyone.

Developmentally appropriate music lessons that promote expression, regulation,

autonomy, skill, and lots of smiles.

"My 12 year old son has been taking piano lessons from Selena, and I am so impressed by the amount of growth in him in a very short time. Selena is extremely patient, loving and truly vested in my child's progress. She has experience with special needs children, and has a way of making my son feel at ease. My son is very happy and looks forward to his weekly lessons."

Anitha N. 

CMS Parent

Our Programs

Private Lessons

Work with a friendly, highly qualified teacher 1:1 on your instrument of choice.

Percussion Groups

Build music literacy, improve motor skills, and learn to make music with others in our percussion (drumming) groups.

Early Childhood Music

Nurture your young child's natural aptitude for music with our fun, developmentally appropriate classes for each age group.

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Why Choose CMS?

JOY is a priority.

Learning music should be fun - if it’s not, then we’re not doing our job! Like baking veggies into your brownies, students here have so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re learning patterns, developing motor skills, and becoming musicians.

Our approach is student-centered.

We realize that many different paths lead to the same destination, so we use a student-centered approach to guide our way. Your kid loves TikTok music? Let’s do it. YouTube tutorials? Let’s make our own. Pop songs? No problem. We realize that students’ unique interests are the gateway into the world of music, and we’ll never try to impose our idea of music onto them.

There's something for everyone.

We say with full confidence and enthusiasm that students of ALL abilities are welcome. We don’t just “try our best” with students with special needs or disabilities - we are trained, equipped, and thrilled to work with them. We don’t focus on deficits and drill endlessly to “overcome” them - we find the strengths and teach to those. We don’t shy away from stims or “different” ways of moving and communicating - we accommodate and celebrate them. 

What Our Families Say

Selena has been my son’s piano teacher for six years. My son enjoys taking lessons with her - she is very positive and enthusiastic. She consistently encourages him when he’s frustrated because of his fine motor challenges. She comes up with innovative ways to keep him focused during the lessons. She is very proud of each and every student which is evident during recitals. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a piano teacher for their child.

Dhivya R.

CMS Parent

"The work Selena has done with my autistic 12 year old has been magic. He has always been very musical but it was difficult to find the right teacher.
Selena is patient and wonderful. The method she uses is the perfect tool for learners with autism, or actually for anyone who wants to learn.
Fyi, Selena's practice is not limited to autism or special needs learners. She would be a great teacher for anyone."

Catherine C.

CMS Parent

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"Selena is a very talented teacher. She has loads of patience, kindness and great teaching techniques.  My son has autism and is not an easy student. She won't give up on him, and he is learning. We are lucky to have found her."

tonya C.

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