Dr. Garrett Mendelow is a solo and collaborative percussionist from the United States. Though his interest in percussion extends to many different facets of the art, he dedicates much of his time to contemporary percussion performance practices and new music in a wide variety of settings. Over the last decade, Garrett has appeared in national and international venues throughout the world.

As an educator, Garrett has presented masterclasses and clinics at universities and conservatories around the world. However, though Garrett has regularly taught at the university and pre-collegiate level, he is also dedicated to developing a comprehensive pedagogy for younger percussionists.

“I have seen many talented young students throughout the years from various institutions in Europe and Asia. These institutions have a proven system that allows for percussionists to develop their skills and musicianship early on. I am happy that I will be able to share knowledge and experience with students at Cultivate Music Studio and encourage younger students to pursue percussion. Not only do I plan to implement various approaches and methodologies more common overseas. but I also plan to create a fun and stress-free atmosphere in which to do so.”