Niki Shojaei is an established classically trained piano teacher with 13 years of teaching experience in San Diego, CA. She became inspired to play the piano after seeing a baby grand piano at the age of 6 and asked her parents for piano lessons and began her musical studies at that age.
She continued her musical studies with a famous Iranian Composer Ardeshir Rohani, and at the age of 13 commenced studies, in theory, harmony, and piano techniques. 
She has presented many piano recitals since then and continues to develop her passion and involvement in music. 
She attended Iranian-Austrian cultural national piano workshops taking her studies to higher education. 
Niki holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering which helped her embrace new trends, materials, and methods in teaching. 
She continued her classical piano studies when she moved to the United States and became an Elementary certified piano teacher with the Music Development program by the Royal Conservatory of Canada.
She is well known for her piano teaching repertoire for children and enjoys bringing children and music together. She takes a playful approach toward teaching young children to expand their horizons and develop their creativity to help them achieve their musical dreams.