Stanley has been playing the piano for over 15 years. Born into a family of musicians, he was constantly surrounded by music and began studying the piano at 7 years old. After 10 years of classical training, he continued to self-study afterward and pursued his passion for Romantic Era classical music.


Stanley graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. He worked in New York City for 10 years as a designer, where he learned how to manage deadlines in an incredibly fast-paced and stressful environment. During that time, the piano was his only refuge and he experienced firsthand how profoundly healing music could be. It became an outlet for stress, creativity, expression, emotion, and communication. Because of his impactful experience with music, Stanley decided to refocus his time and energy towards teaching and sharing the gift of music with others.


Stanley has trained with Selena Pistoresi on a strengths-based approach to teaching music that caters to each individual student. The priority is having fun and making music first and foremost.