Victoria has been dedicated to early childhood education for over a decade now. Growing up, her mother owned and operated a family child care center, so the importance of early education has been instilled in her for as long as she can remember. Victoria has worked with children across various age ranges and developmental levels. Although most of her experience has been within the Preschool classroom (particularly within Special Education) she has also taught K-6 English language learners through AmeriCorps, has been an Early Interventionist, as well as provided in-home play based behavior therapy and parent training. Victoria has even facilitated social groups and support groups for both children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and their siblings.

Victoria is extremely fortunate to have found her passion at such a young age and is so excited that her early education journey has brought her to Cultivate Music Studio. She has found great value in teaching through the playful and inclusive art of music and movement.