Music lessons so cool,
you'll be jealous of your own kid.

Rock band classes for age 4-7 in San Jose

Ever wonder if your child is too young to play piano, guitar, or drums?

If your child is at least 4 years old, they're the perfect age for our specially designed rock band program. 

Learn piano, guitar, drums, and TEAMWORK

No instruments to buy

Nag-free practicing (but no practice required!)

Perform for an audience and make music videos

A positive, confidence-building intro to music

How does it work?

Your child will be placed in a rock band with up to 4 other children age 4-7.
One of our experienced teachers trained in the Kidzrock curriculum will lead the band through weekly 45-minute classes.

Your child will learn guitar (modified to have 3 strings instead of 6), keyboard (color-coded keys), and drums (color-coded drums). They will belt out rock songs written specifically for their age.

Every 10 weeks, your child will either perform on stage for a crowd of cheering fans or star in a music video.

Will your child be the next big rock star out of the South Bay Area?
Or will they simply start their musical journey off on the right foot - confident and ready for private lessons when they're older?

Choose a time slot from the table below and click "enroll now" to schedule your rock star's trial class!


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