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Work with a friendly, highly qualified teacher 1:1 on your instrument of choice.

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  • Piano (in person, online)
  • Percussion (in person)
  • Guitar (in person, online)
  • Voice (in person, online)
  • Ukulele (in person, online)
  • Bass (in person, online)
  • Flute (in person, online)
  • Clarinet (in person, online)
  • Recorder (in person, online)
  • Saxophone (in person, online)
  • Violin (in person, online)
  • Music Production (online)

All of our teachers are highly experienced, with years of experience teaching and graduate or undergraduate degrees in their fields.

Lessons meet weekly except for studio-wide closure dates.

Private lessons are available starting at age 5. For younger students, please see our early childhood class offerings.

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